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List of Financial Donors




Concordia Deaconess Conference - Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Dorothy Freitag [via LCMS World Relief-Human Care (LCMS WR-HC) ]

Rev. Lloyd and Mrs. Marilyn Nicol [via LCMS WR-HC]

Deaconess Grace V. Rao [via LCMS WR-HC]

Mr. Greg Smith [via LCMS WR-HC]

Mr. Peter and Deaconess Ruth McDonnell [via LCMS WR-HC]

Rev. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Nemoyer [via LCMS WR-HC]

Mr. Ted and Mrs. Shirley Naumann [via LCMS WR-HC]

Rev. Dr. Jonathan C. Naumann [via LCMS WR-HC]

Mr. Gleason Snashall [via LCMS WR-HC]

Rev. Osmar and Mrs. Katherine Lehenbauer [via LCMS WR-HC]

Nebraska North LWML [via LCMS WR-HC]

Our Saviors Lutheran Guild (Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Pipestone, MN) [via LCMS WR-HC]

Mr. Steven and Deaconess Ruth Endicott [via LCMS WR-HC]




In Loving Memory of Dorothy Violet Freitag:

     Deaconess Joyce Ostermann

     Deaconess Emeritus Betty Mulholland

LCMS World Relief and Human Care

In Loving Memory of Deaconess Sharon Knippenberg:

     Deaconess Cheryl D. Naumann